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The Christmas Project of Doom

I really must try to update this more often :P I'm going to try to update at least once a week if only to tell y'all what I'm working on.

If you follow my flicker you know I'm working on what I call the 'Christmas Project of doom' So I'm going to explain what it is so you are not always going WTF when I post a finished block. so this is probably going to be a long post as I assume you don't know anything about the Icelandic yuletide lads :)

A few weeks ago I woke up with a fully formed idea in my head of a quilt or more precise a wall hanging using the Icelandic yuletide lads and a well known poem by 'Jóhannes úr Kötlum' (This poem is what I would call the Icelandic 'it was the night before christmas...'). I posted the poem a few years ago. I think I might post the poem again this year a part with each of the yuletide lads. (the English translation that is)

there are 2 verses in the poem about each of the lads. So I was going to have one block with a yuletide lad and the 2 poem verses embroidered on a block next to each.  With each block being 5"x5" it's probably going to be huge.

Yesterday I set my self a date to be finished and that date is December 12th.
I've already finished designing 12 of the 16 blocks so I have 4 left and than digitizing the poem and then I can start sewing :)

The yuletide lads are 13 and are sort of like Santa. Little kids (and big, I still do.) put a shoe in the window and every night from the 12th of December untill christmas a yuletide lad comes and puts a little gift in the shoe.
But 13 isn't really a good number so I'm making a block for each of the yuletide lads and one for each of their parents (they are trolls).

Gríla their mother was said to have come down from the mountains just before christmas. Pick up all the naughty children and put them in her huge sack then she went back home and cooked them for her children in a huge cement mixer. It is said she is the mother of 13 yuletide lads and 80 trolls.

Leppalúði is the father of the yuletide lads although he is not the father of Grílas other children. There are not many things known of him exept he walks with a cane and loves Gríla.

The 16th block is the Yuletide cat. He is a huge black cat bigger than a house. there is an Icelandic saying that if you don't get at least one item of clothing for Christmas you 'go to the yuletide cat' as in he eats the people who don't get new clothes for Christmas.

Hopefully I'll post again sometime next week


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Nov. 14th, 2010 03:06 pm (UTC)
Oh, I do hope you post your blocks with the parts of the poem they go with! I'd really enjoy that!
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