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Liljabs's Christmas Countdown :)

So as Promised I'm Posting my Jólasveinakvæði quilt one block at a time until Christmas or Yule as we call it here.  Tonight the first yuletide lad comes down from the mountain to put goodies in the shoes of good children of Iceland. (we put christmas shoes in the window)
This part has the beginning of the poem but after this part each of the lads only have 2 verses each.

I'm starting with three blocks I put together in a table runner (I'm making more for the quilt) I can't belive I haven't taken a picture after I quilted it.
Christmas Table Runner
These are Leppalúði (their dad), the Yuletide cat and Gríla (their mum)

and the first part of the poem by Jóhannes úr Kötlum (i don't know who did the translation)

The Yuletide Lads

Let me tell the story
of the lads of few charms,
who once upon a time
used to visit our farms.

They came from the mountains,
as many of you know,
in a long single file
to the farmsteads below.

Grýla was their mother
- she gave them ogre milk -
and the father Leppalúdi;
a loathsome ilk.

They were called the Yuletide lads
- at Yuletide they were due -
and always came one by one,
not ever two by two.

Thirteen altogether,
these gents in their prime
didn´t want to irk people
all at one time.

Creeping up, all stealth,
they unlocked the door.
The kitchen and the pantry
they came looking for.

They hid where they could,
with a cunning look or sneer,
ready with their pranks
when people weren´t near.

And even when they were seen,
they weren´t loath to roam
and play their tricks - disturbing
the peace of the home.

Tomorrow I'll start with the first Yuletide lad: Sheep-Cote Clod


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Dec. 12th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to read the next part of the story...

Would you consider posting this over on craftychristmas?
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