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December 18th, 2010

Christmas Countdown - Hurðaskellir

Still piecing the quilt together Most of tonight I will probably be ripping the paper off the backs paper pieced blocks. Really not much else going on right now. My cat keeps getting in my way wanting to be petted and standing in front of the sewing machine so it's going a bit slow for now.
There is a storm outside it was really fun going on my paper route this morning trying to hang on to light poles and such :P At least it was only wind not raining or snowing as well, that would have been terrible.

Next Yuletide lad

Hurðaskellir - Door Slammer

The seventh was Door Slammer,
a sorry, vulgar chap:
When people in the twilight
would take a little nap,

he was happy as a lark
with the havoc he could wreak,
slamming doors and hearing
the hinges on them squeak.

see you tomorrow