December 24th, 2010


Christmas countdown - Gáttaþefur and Ketkrókur

Been feeling poorly the last couple of days so I forgot to post yesterday. I've been having these lovely dizzy spells when I stand up so I've been lying in bed watching Yuletide movies.

Today is just twice as fun then :)

Gáttaþefur - Door Sniffer

"Eleventh was Door Sniffer,
a doltish lad and gross.
He never got a cold, yet had
a huge, sensitive nose.

He caught the scent of lace bread
while leagues away still
and ran toward it weightless
as wind over dale and hill

Ketkrókur - Meat Hook

Meat Hook, the twelfth one,
his talent would display
as soon as he arrived
on Saint Thorlak´s Day.

He snagged himself a morsel
of meet of any sort,
although his hook at times was
a tiny bit short.

(ahemm... if you have ever watched queer as folk (us version) Meat Hook's (name) makes me giggle :P )

see you tomorrow for the last Yuletide lad

Chistmas countdown - Kertasníkir

The last of the Yuletide lads
I think this one is my favorite pattern of the lot

Kertasníkir -  Candle Beggar

The thirteenth was Candle Beggar
- ´twas cold, I believe,
if he was not the last
of the lot on Christmas Eve.

He trailed after the little ones
who, like happy sprites,
ran about the farm with
their fine tallow lights.

I'm going to post
the patterns next week for those of you interested.

I hope you all have a Happy Holidays with your friends and family's.

See you next week