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Christmas Countdown - Þvörusleikir

My nephew went to daycare today wearing a new jogging sweater. When my sister and I picked him up his hands were swollen like 5 times there original size. He had went to the bathroom and pulled the sleeves up when he washed his hands and forgot to pull them down again. and the elastic in the sleeves were so tight that it stopped the blood flow to his hands. It was just lucky that he had just went la few minutes before he was picked up because the teachers/babysitters (??) didn't notice anything wrong with him. it's been 4 hours now and his hands are still a little swollen. I ripped the seam cut the elastic away when we got home so It won't happen again.

Last night I did my first ever stenciling. I stenciled one of my corsets It came out really good but next time I decide to do a corset I'm going to stencil before boning because it leaked a little around the bones. I'm going to Put a pic of me wairing it once I get laces so I can actually were it but untill then I have a closeup of the stencil. I call this my New Moon Corset now :)
New Moon Corset

I also made a Weasley sweater for my new phone.
Weasley sweter Phone cover

Today's Yuletide lad is

Þvörusleikjir - Spoon Licker

The fourth was Spoon Licker;
like spindle he was thin.
He felt himself in clover
when the cook wasn´t in.

Then stepping up, he grappled
the stirring spoon with glee,
holding it with both hands
for it was slippery.

see you guys tomorrow

Cristmas Countdown - Stúfur

So today I, Umm... I sent out the Christmas presents that go out of the country and umm... I've got noting. (my life is mostly really dull :P )

Today's Yuletide lad is
Stúfur - Stubby

Stubby was the third called,
a stunted little man,
who watched for every chance
to whisk off a pan.

And scurrying away with it,
he scraped off the bits
that stuck to the bottom
and brims - his favorites.

see you tomorrow

Christmas Countdown - Giljagaur

I've been mostly lazy today. Watching Christmas movies. But I did finish a corset that's been almost finished for months now. It's just plain white so I'm going to stencil something on it I'm not sure what yet but there will be pics when I've finished :)

on to the next yuletide lad
Giljagaur - Gully Gawk

The second was Gully Gawk,
gray his head and mien.
He snuck into the cow barn
from his craggy ravine.

Hiding in the stalls,
he would steal the milk, while
the milkmaid gave the cowherd
a meaningful smile.

See y'all tomorrow

Christmas Countdown - Stekkjastaur

I went out Christmas shopping today and found this awesome new store witch has lots of Harry Potter stuff from the first two movies. I came home with a rather large bag of Harry Potter stuff :D (i'm going to put them in my shoes the next 13 days. Why should my nephew Tristan get all the fun of the Yuletide lads)

I've finished buying and wrapping all my presents and sent out all my cards so yay for me now I just have to craft and wait for Yule to come.

anyways the next part of the poem and block
This block was a killer it is the hardest one and I had to take it apart 50 times before I got it  at least almost straight.
(I've never noticed it before but this poem can be read as really really dirty lol.)
Stekkjastaur - Sheep-Cote Clod

The first of them was Sheep-Cote Clod.
He came stiff as wood,
to pray upon the farmer's sheep
as far as he could.

He wished to suck the ewes,
but it was no accident
he couldn´t; he had stiff knees
- not to convenient.

Liljabs's Christmas Countdown :)

So as Promised I'm Posting my Jólasveinakvæði quilt one block at a time until Christmas or Yule as we call it here.  Tonight the first yuletide lad comes down from the mountain to put goodies in the shoes of good children of Iceland. (we put christmas shoes in the window)
This part has the beginning of the poem but after this part each of the lads only have 2 verses each.
Cut for the longest part of the poem and first 3 blocks :)Collapse )

Were did the week go???

I really don't know where this week went. Its just gone and I have nothing to show for it.
My dad has been feeling worse again this week and we are just hoping he won't have to go back to the hospital.

I signed up for the starknuts Christmas swap (my first swap ever yay!). So I've been using my free time on teaching my self to knit stockings (I've never done socks before). I don't have any picks yet because I don't want to spoil it for the recipient but there will be lodes of them some time in December.
I have not worked on my Christmas project at all this week, I've only have 2 blocks left to design and then I'll get started sewing hopefully I will get to it this week. I have 3 weeks until my deadline (December 12th)

I still haven't watched any of this weeks ttmt 's I'm going to catch up on those tomorrow. (hopefully)

Also I saw Deathly Hallows last night. Omg it was awesome :D It Just moved to the top of my Hp movie list (topping POA). I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't seen it yet (or read the book) so I'll just say it was AWESOME :D and I wish I could go see it again like right now :)

hopefully I'll be back within a week

The Christmas Project of Doom

I really must try to update this more often :P I'm going to try to update at least once a week if only to tell y'all what I'm working on.

If you follow my flicker you know I'm working on what I call the 'Christmas Project of doom' So I'm going to explain what it is so you are not always going WTF when I post a finished block. so this is probably going to be a long post as I assume you don't know anything about the Icelandic yuletide lads :)

Lj cut so I Don't cover all your friends page :PCollapse )

New Patterns

Just updated my pattern post with
2 new patterns Disney's Lightning McQueen (from Cars) and Dory (from finding Nemo) and I updated the Doctor who logo it looks the same but is pieced a little differently (witch makes it easier to piece.
Lightning McQueen
check them out over on my patterns post

A sort of TTMT

But instead of being Talk to me Tuseday it's more of a Type to me Thursday :P
Mostly because I'm bored babysitting my Nephew while he sleeps.

sorry about misspellings the spell check still isn't working for me :/
a whole lot of crafts under this cutCollapse )


I Can't belive I wrote all that down

So this is a comment to another of privatelaun s Youtube videoes

I'm sorry about the probably billion spelling mistakes. But I'm just to tiered do a spell check right now.

My Interview with Witch Weekly
Under the cutCollapse )

I Can't Belive I Wrote All That</p>