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My Harry Potter Story

Inspired by privatelaun Youtube video to be found Here
This was originally supposed to be a comment to that video but it ran a little long and did not fit as a comment :P

Story under this cutCollapse )

a few crafts :)

a few crafts I've been working on the last few weeks

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SO I haven't been around much for the last couple of years. Or at least I don't blog much anymore. I'm thinking about starting again but then it would be mostly my crafting. I have been reading my friends page though I mostly lurk these days. If your interested in what I'm doing right now you can check out my flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/liljabs/ .


While waiting for Doctor Who last Saturday night, I decided to try to make a Dalek on my Embroidery machine. It turned out so fantastic that I had to make something out of it so I made a Purse (well it's only big enough to hold my PSP)

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Online again!

I thought that I should drop a line to let you all know that I was still alive.

My computer has been having a slight (or mabe not so slight) case of the brakedowns. First my screen stopped working. It took me several days to fix that and then she just compleatly stopped working at all. So now I've got a new one with "Windows Vista" which seems to be just one big mess. But at least this one works even if I don't like Vista all that much.

It took me like two hours to find out how to make the Internet connection work (and I'm not stupid when it comes to computer stuff).

There really isn't much going on here besides the pc-mess I've been having. the whether has been really good for the last week though (which doesn't happen alot here) Sun and no wind for a whole week :)

that's it for now, Hope you're all well


Heroes 121 'The Hard Part'

I just finished watching the 'the hard part' and had a omg, moment.

spoilers for 121 'The Hard Part'Collapse )

Supernatural comic

If you haven't seen it yet. I decided to uplode the first SPN comic 'Origins'.
It's really amazing (like the show) even if I don't like the style much.

All credit should go to pyrebi who scanned it all. (I just put it in a .rar and on mediaFire.

it's 26 .jpg in a .rar (does one say it's rared? (like zipped))

Here's the link Origins (MediaFire)

Of course we should all run out to the next comic-book store and buy a copy as well.

but untill we have time (and/or money) for that,


OK so earlier tonight I was going out with my sister and happened to pass the TV. Dad was watching some sort of documentary with african animals or something. Anyway there where these two cheetahs (one was licking the other one's head) and my mind just out of the blue went 'oh look, Jared's on tv' followed immediately by 'huh, wtf'. (then I wondered where Jensen might be. but there where no wolfs anywhere)

This of course is to be entirely blamed on cherryscott and queen_kiwi's Zoo!verse. (witch is fantastic btw)

In other news I've been helping my sister move for the last three days and I can honestly say that there is probably not a muscle in my body that doesn't hurt (and quite a few I didn't even know existed.)
She of course got off easy, being pregnant she is not allowed to lift any of the heavy stuff. But at least we are finished now (thank god). And I plan on spending all of tomorrow in bed with my laptop. Pref. watching the new Heroes ep. and reading fanfic.

My Dæmon

snagged from lostandalone22